Our main focus is the growth of compound semiconductor thin films, and understanding their optical and carrier transport properties with the aim of engineering better power and external quantum efficiencies in solid state lighting and solar cell applications, along with higher switching speeds and lower power consumption for transistor applications.

We routinely use photoluminescence, photoluminescence excitation, electroluminescence, excited state lifetime, power efficiency, quantum efficiency, current-voltage, capacitance-voltage, residual potential and temperature dependent Hall measurements to study the electro-optical properties of our materials (2D TMDs, III-Vs, ZnS, ZnO, ITO, Al2O3, BaTa2O6, SiC, graphene, organics) and devices (alternating current thin film electroluminescence, inorganic light emitting diodes, solar cells, organic light emitting diodes and thin film transistors).

  • Vacuum deposition of compound semiconductor thin films
  • Processing-structure-properties relationships of electronic and optical materials
  • Optical and carrier transport properties
  • Electroluminescent devices, photovoltaics  and thin film batteries